Hey Ya”ll!

My name is Samantha Lerouge and I am 22-year old Miami native. Last year I was granted a full ride for my Masters and moved from Miami, Florida to Ottawa,Canada (talk about a total wardrobe change)  to pursue my graduate degree. Though I am originally from Montreal, this was still a big move for me. Since moving and  living on my own for the first time, I always find myself trying to find  creative ways to maintain a stylish  lifestyle without breaking a buck.

Fashion has always played an important role in my life. Since I was the youngest, I always found myself  being creative and revamping my  hand me downs clothes since  the clothes were either outdated or not my size.

Live.Love.Lerouge  was  originally  started to give everyday people like myself the tools to live stylishly, while loving the life that you live, and like fashion, this blog will constantly be evolving.


Sam Lerouge